Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day 302

Being in the three hundreds is still cool.

Good thing, too, because so much of life isn't right now. Woke up in a -vile- mood - just really awful. Ten pounds of self-pity and resentment and loneliness stuffed into a five pound sack. Was not at all helped by discovering the vegan sausage I was planning to use for biscuits and gravy was patties instead of crumble and not enough of those.

I went to the bakery instead. When in non-diabetic doubt, sugar usually never hurts.

Youngest wanted a haircut so I took her for that and then escaped into a book for most of the day. Things started easing up as they always do even though you think they never will.

Unusually for me I decided to do the groceries in the evening as I had to drop Youngest at the school auditorium anyway. Glad I did because it means I can totally stay in my pajamas all day tomorrow and not leave the house if I so choose.

It snowed again today and although the weather heads were right about little/no accumulation just seeing all that stupid white stuff swirling around just -got- to me.

Had a leftover prepackaged pie shell from Pi Day so I made a new-to-me recipe: chocolate chess pie. Very easy and there was extra filling which I baked separately in a tiny pan...which is how I know the actual pie will be delicious for tomorrow's breakfast. From-scratch mac-n-cheese for dinner and leftovers for lunch so I'm all set food-wise.

Maybe tomorrow's mood will be significantly better. Maybe.


  1. I am sorry you had all the snow.
    We got off easy.
    Big Hugs for carrying on, with snow, kids, food, work, and animals!

  2. Thanks! It's all easier -not- hung over; that's for sure :)