Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 304

Long Monday.

Which is why I'm in bed a whole hour early. I sometimes feel guilty for spending so much of my evenings horizontal but then I realize that it is totally okay to not be Jack LaLane/Jane Fonda/Susan Powter/whoever as health is a continuum and it isn't a damned contest in the first place.

Anyhow I was quite relieved that everyone at work is of a like mind about the ugly issue of last Friday. However I ended up staying two hours late which threw the whole rest of the evening off - sometimes it's like that.

But hey, tomorrow is my ten-month soberversary! Hooray! Have plans to take a big stroll downtown and hit library, post office, drugstore, and bank all before ending up at the restaurant with the good mocha mousse. Hope the plans work out.

Also hope the dog and I are more simpatico tonight. It is a comfort to have the dog curled up around my legs but every so often "around" becomes "on" and I wake up all stiff which is what happened last night.  Even so, it sure beats how I used to sleep: I look back on that and think "how could I hate myself so much as to keep putting myself -through- all that?!" I know...seemed only reasonable at the time. This is better though.

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