Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 296

Good but tiring day.

Technically it started at 12:38 am when Middle woke me up to say that ABL had -finally- finished shaving and thus wanted the evening pill I hadn't given him before he started his big shaving ritual at a little before 7. Yes, five-plus hours shaving. Most of it turning the water on and off repetitively. ABL also wanted me to adjust his TV but I said that could wait till morning. Went right back to sleep so I didn't think of it then but -am- thinking of it now: that whole exchange would have gone far worse if I had still been any or all of several ways.

Did the food shopping first thing in bitter cold, did some snow removal later in the day and not only did I cook dinner but I made Asian slaw for later in the week -and- a new-to-me cookie recipe: "lace cookies" which are surprisingly easy. 

A good day. Tomorrow night Youngest and I are going to make pies for Pi Day -- her math class and my office.