Saturday, March 25, 2017

Day 309

Blah. For what seems like the millionth day in a row (but might be a dozen or 15 at most) I woke up, wandered into the kitchen and was overcome by depression and frustration and general annoyance. For the same damned reasons too: snow all over everything as far as the eye can see and the last conversation with Spouse over the phone the previous night had been through a veil of alcohol. Can't argue with either one of those things but don't have to like them. Don't have to like the morning to-do list either and totally didn't as I was puttering around doing it.

But even though it seems that way at the time no feeling lasts forever. By the time I had to take Youngest into town I'd morphed into a somewhat better frame of mind and even sort of enjoyed picking up the few items I needed prior to Real Grocery Shopping tomorrow.

Came home and made a couple different salads for the week. One of them used up practically all the leftover pasta so I was pretty happy about that. Not so happy about just flat out -not- being able to get a jar of pimentos open even with a jar gripper and wax downright pissed that my "other kind of jar opener" (the pliers-like kind) had turned up missing. But I did remember to stand on a step stool for grating so that helped.

Spending a lot of the day on the couch has helped too. I had that "you should be doing something -productive-" voice all day but I also had a bad case of the dropsies - you know, where everything spills or breaks or won't come out of its package the right way - so they sort of canceled each other out. Now I'm in bed for the night at just past 9 and happy to be here because I don't need to do one damned thing till morning.


  1. With all you do, rest is super important!
    Hubs and I got lazy this afternoon and rested too.

  2. Would you believe I sat staring at that "all you do" thinking "but I -don't really ---" and that was as far as I got before the Smarter Me said "don't be ridiculous. She's right you DO do a lot and shouldn't downplay it so much." So thanks for some needed perspective! :)