Monday, May 1, 2017

Day 346

Irritable day.

Spent the whole day squeezing a lot of work into a short amount of time because I'm going to be in and out of Radiology most of the day tomorrow. Had a dumb meeting in the middle of the day which didn't help.

Neither did the fact that the "away" family hasn't been demonstrating much, if any, concern or support for my scans tomorrow. Between that and Eldest not thanking me for the car I just signed over to her I filled my bag of resentment damned near all the way today. Robert Heinlein said we should never expect gratitude and he was right but it still hurts and it doesn't do me any good to pretend it doesn't. He didn't have anything to say about expecting concern. I suppose I understand that there's no point getting worked up over the -tests- since it is what the scans -show- that matters but I _am_ edgy about it, I've told the family I'm edgy about it and they know how generally weird about any kind of "sick" I am in the first place so it would be nice to get even an "I'm thinking about you."

Peace in the Mideast would be nice too.

So I made a no-recipe-just-guessing no-bake chocolate cheesecake (out of leftovers from other baking projects; canyoubelieve?) and then did spinny-bike while it set up because I didn't have a chance to take an actual walk during the day. Watched two episodes of Catastrophe which is turning out to be really enjoyable.

Had to taste the pie (delicious and good texture) even though I usually never eat this late at night and it may well give me nightmares or heartburn or both. So be it.

And now to sleep. Sleep helps everything.

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