Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day 349

I've never started a post this early (quarter past the morning, not evening) but I wanted to make note of something before the daily chaos made it slip my mind. While cruising the internet (okay, FaceBook) in the span of less than 3 minutes I've seen first an ad for "wine to-go cups" and now some click bait title "beer can help pain."  I don't want to harsh anybody's mellow and am overall fine with "handle your high" but ferpitysake isn't a "to go" wineglass (heavy white glass with a silicone sleeve) being marketed as "soppy cup for adults" normalizing freaking drinking in public during usually-sober times and places just a bit much?!? Hip flasks have been around forever but always carried at best an underground-rebel stigma. I get that it's a free market economy but I'm just sort of stunned. Maybe it's me. It probably is.

[MUCH later]

Such a long day. Found out my endocrinologist won't be back in the office till Monday. Our hospital's Privacy Office is real assholes about not letting anyone look in their own chart so I'm stuck not knowing outcome till -next- week.

Also had Day Two of dealing with car insurance stuff and I've just given up on ever seeing spring again...we may get snow on Monday.

On the other hand I got my 10k steps in watching another episode of Catastrophe while doing spinny-bike (that's what Youngest calls the stationary bicycle) and I am going to be so sad when I work my way through the 6 episodes of Season 3 as who knows how long I'll have to wait for Season 4? Going to make it last though...I ended up totally binge-watching the new season of Transparent.

Also had some good chocolate today so that helped too.

Only just now did I realize that if today is 349 that makes tomorrow Day 350 which is a big number and getting so close to a year...once again it is amazing how everything has changed for the better. Not a huge great landslide kind of everything but a quiet buffing-and-putting-in-the-sunshine kind of everything.

And now I've got to start trying to sleep...the maybe-surgery stress is coming out in my dreams and in waking up at weird hours.


  1. Nope! It's not just you. I find myself amazed on a daily basis how much reference I hear to wine o'clock, how new mummies need wine (er, no, you need to be thinking only of your baby) how everything taste better with wine etc etc. I went into our local town and there is a new shop open. As you do, I stopped to have a look and EVERY SINGLE THING in the WHOLE store is to do with normalising drinking. Cards, signs, tea towels, aprons, coasters, clocks, glasses, 'tipsy' glasses ie the don't break when you drop them etc. the WHOLE damn store. Unbelievable. I keep asking myself if I would have felt even slightly weirded out when I was drinking. I'll never know but now if find the whole thing offensive and dangerous.
    You are bound to have a bit of anxiety about any potential surgery. Try to just not worry until there is something to worry about, yes I know how flippant that sounds but you can only live with what you know for sure. Future-casting is a very inaccurate way of spending your time a lesson I have learned the hard, long way. Take Scarlet O'Hara approach and think about that tomorrow.

  2. I think the big drinking push is yet another way for people who sell stuff to make more money. They do it with sweets too - "you _deserve_ this" is just everywhere. I feel a rant coming on though so I'll kick the soapbox back under the couch now :). I'm trying to keep the whole what-next-healthwise thing on a day by day basis but I would also like some resolution.