Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 347

So the tests were time consuming but not the least bit stressful. After an injection of the radioactive stuff (cue up The Firm) it was nothing but lying  on table with knee and arm rests while flat large camera is very close to face then right side at angle then left side at angle 10 min each for total of half hour in two sessions an hour apart. I'm good enough at relaxing I dozed off both times.  Then at the end of the second session they do a short neck CT scan followed by going to a different room for a neck ultrasound. Easy peasy.

Of course now everything hinges on the -results- of those tests. It is possible I will have a message waiting as early as tomorrow morning. 

I planned to have my good toffee when I got home but ended up saving it in favor of the chocolate pie I made because it turned out really well but won't keep. Of course I had a second piece.

Glad to have the tests behind me. Glad to be doing all of this totally sober, too - not only is there no morning dragginess but there's no self-doubt or shame whatsoever. 


  1. The freedom fro self doubt and shame is just amazing. I still make mistakes, but I just apologize and move on. I am aware of my actions.

  2. I know I was so glad I was sober when I had my cochlear implant operation.
    I would have been a complete mess if I had been drinking.
    No doubt, no shame, and peace of mind!

  3. Both of you are so right - it is powerfully good to know that whatever else is going on in life - particularly in a healthcare setting - overdrinking is never part of the problem.