Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Day 355

Really long day.

Went straight from my 4:30-5:30 meeting down to campus so Middle could move home. Had to get a printer cartridge on the way home so Youngest could print out a school assignment which meant I got way too tired and hungry before I actually ate.

Eating helped though, as did buying some pre-made deli sandwiches for lunches tomorrow - I have a very low threshold for "even making a sandwich is too much effort tonight."

Wanted to do a whole pattern repeat on my knitting project but only managed least I'm learning to have good sense and stop rather than pressing on and getting frustrated. Even now at almost a year it is still all about not getting overwhelmed or frustrated.


  1. Learning that point is huge. That's where my type A side often got me in trouble. Thinking I could do a bit more...last a bit longer...

    Nope. Best to stop when the warning light goes off.

  2. So true and yet so hard to do consistently.