Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day 373

Much better day. Got the shopping done early, had lots of good knitting time and the new (to me; it's from a nineteen-teens cookbook) recipe was a big hit.

Wish I didn't have to take the family to MiL's for late lunch/early supper tomorrow but there's no getting out of it at this late stage. Sigh. However even the unpleasant stuff is easier sober.

Weekends categorically are easier - I've got the stuff for banana bread laid out in the kitchen and there's no worry at all that strange emotional weirdness will mess any of it up in the night or that I'll be all "oh screw this" in the morning. I can plan to make the bread and then shower while it bakes and be reasonably sure those plans will come to fruition. It seems like a small thing but it's a huge self-esteem boost.

Sleep now though.


  1. Hubs loves banana bread!
    He made me salmon tonight!
    Hope you made it through the lunch, sane.

  2. I did! And it didn't even require ice cream afterwards!