Saturday, May 6, 2017

Day 351

Bah. It's much better when days start out lousy and improve. This one was the other way around.

Lovely quiet morning fighting with my new knitting project (I won) but then family drama just kept filling the day like water in a leaky boat. Sometimes it's like that.

The weather isn't helping either; every time I had motive and opportunity for a walk it was raining hard. Poked around the supermarket and did a bit on spinny-bike but definitely didn't hit the step count today. Resentment bag though...that's another story. Going to bed and writing this blog post are part of my active emptying of said bag because it's just too draining to haul around a bag that full and heavy.

Made a curry for lunches next week and it's good but at the absolute top of my tolerable-spiciness level. I'm thinking maybe a glop of sour cream or yogurt might help. But right now sleep will help.

Getting closer to a year all the time...even on an otherwise lousy day that still feels pretty good. Banana bread for breakfast (it's cooling on the counter right now) is pretty good too. So are all of you fine people.

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