Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 375


Woke up with the head cold Youngest had last week and also a really irritating bit of neuralgia on my scalp of all places, probably from sitting funny while I did all that knitting this weekend. Then discovered not one, not two but -three- meetings added to my schedule. So not a great day...and then I let myself get way too hungry in the late afternoon even though I know better.

But hey, I can handle not-great. Snacked as soon as I got home and then rounded it out enough to call dinner...and took Aleve as soon as there was food in my stomach. Middle and Youngest went out for dinner (she wanted to try a new fast-food thing) so I gave ABL a Hungry Man which he considers a treat and crashed on the couch. Rose briefly to do lunches and take a muscle relaxer and am now back on the couch. The whole self-care thing is pretty much second nature now. 

But damn the nerve pain is annoying. Ah well, the Flexoril should help...either it will loosen up whatever is putting pressure/swelling on the nerve or it will make me sleepy enough not to care. But in either case I think it's time to shuffle off to bed. 

 If this had happened a couple of years ago my solution would have been to drink, of course. Wouldn't have had any better chance of working but would have guaranteed a lousy tomorrow. This is a clearly superior choice but boy it took a long time to see it that way. I'm grateful to Earlier Me who started down this path. 


  1. My back started to lock up after golf yesterday, and I took a bath!
    Without wine.
    I would have had to have the wine.
    Guess what? Just the bath helped a lot!
    Here's to self care!

  2. Self care rules. Sober is a huge first step to actually -caring- for oneself.

    1. SO true!
      How was drinking helping us take care of ourselves.
      It was so self-destructive.