Monday, May 29, 2017

Day 374

Overall a good day.

Did exactly as I planned I would: banana bread followed by shower. Did it rather earlier than I thought though as the dog decided he was up for the day at 5:45. Took a little nap around 9 to make up for it.

The Meal With Mother In Law wasn't awful just tedious...and Aunt-in-Law brought an awesome vegan casserole. Her church-ladies group has at least one vegan so she brought the dish to a pitch-in and even the carnivores raved and I see why: it was great. Sweet potatoes, quinoa, apricots, sun dried tomatoes and raisins don't -sound- necessarily like they would go together but they sure did.

Better still is that I finished one knitting project and started another - that always feels good. The finished one is a lace scarf I did specifically to wear around other knitters when I eventually go on another knitting vacation (like the cruise a year and a half ago.) I had not realized that one is supposed to wear proof of skill to such an event - never even crossed my mind - so I plan to be prepared next time. The new project is also a lace scarf but it is designed to show off the yarn as it is from my favorite indie dyer.

Knitting complicated lace is something I never would have bothered to try back when I was drinking. Now I have a fancy show-off-y scarf on blocking wires drying in an upstairs bedroom. Sober rocks.

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