Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 348

Lousy day...and I freely admit the greater part of lousy was my own mood doing it.

Woke up hoping to have a MyChart message about my test results but no such luck...and that frustration set a tone for the whole rest of the day. Of course it had to be the morning I was getting the oil changed in the car -and- turning in the plates from the car we just gave Eldest -and- faxing the subsequent paperwork to the insurance company all on a day when I had a bunch of Actual Work to do. Cue up resentment there...and the weather was all cold and rainy and I didn't really like what I'd packedmyself for lunch and and and...well, you get the idea.

For the first time in two and a half weeks I just couldn't talk myself into going for a walk at any point during the day. Hell I took to my bed at six but didn't get to stay there - ABL freaking had to do his laundry  and although he would be -capable- of doing it with Youngest's minor supervision, the _ritual_ involves me. His version of autism is way big on ritual and routine.

Be that as it may I more or less got over myself and got the evening stuff done. Now I'm back in bed for real this time...and hoping I'll be in a better emotional place tomorrow. If nothing else I won't have as much work to do which should help.