Friday, May 12, 2017

Day 357

Not a great day.

All through work I kept telling myself that once I got home and settled I'd have the whole evening to knit. Then when it finally rolled around I was too tired to do anything but lie on the couch.

Just as I was ready to doze off I learned that not only are the away family coming up this weekend but Eldest already arranged to have MiL and her sister over to this house for Mother's Day dinner. Joy. MiL is totally excited about this new surprise development and wants to help Eldest cook said dinner in my kitchen. Color me far less than thrilled. I've already started pushing for carry-out instead.

I'll get through this and get through it sober but just -one- year I'd like NOT to have to do the inter-generational shuffle for the most guilt-laden Hallmark holiday on the calendar.

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