Sunday, May 21, 2017

Days 365 & 366 - Soberversary!

Didn't plan to skip last night's post - fell asleep in the easy chair.

It's okay though since yesterday was Day 365 which is one year but today is May 21 which is one year by actual day. So they can both be Soberversary.

One year ago yesterday I drank for the last time. I had quit for a little over four months in 2004 then didn't even try again till 2015 when I realized in July I -really- needed to quit. Did almost two months and just over six months but this is the time which finally stuck. It's both absolutely ordinary and completely stunning all at once.

If you had told me three or four years ago I'd be able to celebrate a whole year of sobriety I would have been wistful but not very believing. "Too hard." Yeah well it hasn't always been easy but it wasn't nearly the gigantic overwhelming thing I used to make it out to be. And doing the sober thing makes so much of the REST of life so MUCH easier that it is totally worth it.

[Much later]

Didn't do anything special but Eldest made a cake which was nice. Also nice: had this house since August of 2013 but this is the first spring I've been here when the landscaping flowers were actually blooming. Five colors of iris, a couple rhododendron bushes and a lot-lot of laurel. Laurel flowers are so pretty they look like an artist's rendition of a flower all gathered up in bunches. Plus there was a mated pair of cardinals in the front yard. So that was all good.

Tomorrow I drive back to the other house. Wish I didn't have to but that's where the job is.

Here's to Year Two.


  1. Rock on sister!!
    You got this!
    Happy Happy Year!!

  2. Here, here! Congratulations to you. Absolutely ordinary and completely stunning is an awesome way of describing it. I so rarely think about alcohol and drinking I think I spend more time going "oh wow I haven't thought about a drink in 2 weeks" than actually having thoughts about drinking ha ha. Ironically on day 365 for me I was sick in bed which was reminiscent of last year except this year was a sickness bug as opposed to alcohol poisoning.
    Here's to year two.
    I CANNOT believe the only day you missed all year was 365!!! There must be some significant hidden meaning there, I mean come on, you haven't missed a day.
    Well done to you on staying true to your blog, that in itself is an amazing achievement.
    Kudos to you SaKD.

    1. Aww...thanks!! Kudos right back at you, blog-buddy. I too thought it was a teensy bit eerie that it was the one-year mark that I skipped. Here's to a low-key year two!!

  3. Congrats SamKD! I look forward to getting there too someday! Your blogging is always inspiring and good to read even if I don't always comment!!