Sunday, May 7, 2017

Day 352

I declared today a Minimalist Day: only what must be done, not what ought to be done or might be a good idea. After the family drama and with the continued unseasonably cold, gray and rainy weather, I needed to just snuggle inside and not worry about steps or cleaning or anything other than reading my current novel and working on my new knitting that's what I did.

Because I made the lunches early in the afternoon I had all the must-do stuff done by 6pm and that was a really good feeling. Didn't make me less annoyed that I still have no radiology results or make me miss Spouse any less or make me any less disgusted with the most recent round of family drama (which seems to have subsided I hope) but it made all of those things easier to tolerate.

Self-care means listening to myself which in this case is NOT continuing to try to knit "just one more row" on my new and relatively complicated project...and it also means NOT forcing myself to answer a friend's email yet tonight even though that's what I kind of had in mind when I sat down at this computer just now. It means winding down, walking the dog and going to bed early because the body is saying "tired" and the brain is saying "enough" and I can read a while in bed and still be asleep at a decent hour.

Two weeks from today is my one-year soberversary.  I'm excited about that but not yet planning anything to/for/by/with/at/about it...seems like there are too many other things happening all around right now.  Still thinking about ordering a fancy cake though: there's always a place for cake.


  1. I hate having to wait for test results.
    I know, I have to off my computer and phone a long time before bed, or it really interferes with sleep.
    Cake is good!
    You are getting so close now!

    1. It doesn't -feel- close but I know it is. Probably once this test-results thing is resolved it will feel bigger.