Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day 356

Super long mostly icky day.

Forgot (blocked, more like) that tonight was Youngest's scholastic awards ceremony which you would think is a good thing and in theory it is but in practice it goes on and on largely because the teachers - English most of all - feel obligated to speechify. The kookiest of the bunch said that she had five awards to give and the thing which tied them all together was...zombies. Not kidding. She made all five into various characters in her zombie apocalypse story: The Leader, The Helper,The Character, The Nerd and I can't remember the one between Character and Nerd because I was so stunned she was doing that whole "you make nerds cool" bullshit...

...well, anyhow my kid got two awards so I should be happy but after a lousy day at work and rushing around to get shit -particularly dinner - done before the awards ceremony I was in No Mood by the time we got home and the call to our Away Family didn't go well.

On the other hand after the awards ceremony -last- year I came home and had my first drink poured within five minutes of crossing the threshold at nine-thirty...then followed it up with three more. Didn't get to sleep till closer to one than midnight and I'm sure I must've done the wake-at-three go-back-to-sleep-miserable thing and must have felt like utter garbage the next day but not even noticed because that's just how mornings were.

This is better. It really is. 

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