Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 363

Another long day.

Did everything I needed to do. The family doesn't know yet but I'm in bed for the night at 9:36. They'll figure it out eventually.

Been eating a lot of sweets and not doing any walking this past week - too much chaos in all other aspects of life - but I'm just letting it ride. I'm not drinking and I haven't had any big emotional outbursts so everything else can just wait.

And now sleep...keeping oneself afloat in a sea of chaos is exhausting.


  1. It is exhausting!
    When I was teaching and had other life stuff happening, it was really hard.
    I just love that you are able to sleep when you need rest!

  2. Thanks! Would have loved it more if I had stayed asleep all night but despite the phone ringing a couple times at ridiculous hours it was still restful. Even broken sober sleep is better than drunk-sleep