Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day 353

Still no radiology results. Got a snotty secretary when I called to inquire, too. From tone of voice she clearly thought it was a great kindness to leave a message for the nurse...who never called me back. This was after pointing out that I had "just" had the tests because "it isn't even a week yet" never mind that I know damned well the radiology turnaround time is even faster than anatomic pathology. I never ever title-drop but the freaking MD is right on my chart and every single identification sticker ever printed for me so clearly that secretary either didn't bother to read past first three letters of last name plus date of birth or has some personal vendetta.

Also my lunch date got canceled.

So I came home, did a super easy dinner and buried myself in a novel for the night. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I'd kind of like to know whether I need surgery or not, y'know?


  1. I get test anxiety from things like this.
    Big hug.
    I hope you don't need surgery

  2. Whether I "need" it or not I'm not gonna have it right now which is a huge weight off my mind. Thanks for words of concern! :)