Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 43

Another good day although the emotions were back.  Mostly sadness at the end of my vacation. Just now quite a bit of anger and frustration at a controlling relative attempting to usurp the holiday on Monday. I think I'm doing a bit better at letting the emotions wash over me and through me as opposed to letting them fester and eat away at me.

Speaking of eating I caught myself trying to get caught up in that spiral too soon - I had to redirect myself away from "oh I ate so much yesterday I should just barely eat at all today" in favor of "look, it's the last day of your vacation which is sad enough so stop trying to pile on anything else." Had to shut down some negative body-image stuff too but that's a whole post unto itself.

In any case I didn't have any urge to drink and in fact didn't even really think about it that much other than to observe - because we were watching an old episode - that there was sure a lot of drinking in Bewitched.

Spouse and I went for a walk together this afternoon; that was particularly nice.

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  1. I felt weird for a week after being back from vacation, if that's what you can call it. I'm finally feeling alive again. Moods are very up and down but I'm getting used to it. Walks are always good for the soul!!