Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 62

An all-round rotten day. Too much stuff to do at work plus a difficult meeting followed by a difficult lunch with the same people and then family stuff on the side.

Carry out for dinner, nice shower then straight to the couch with a book. Getting better at letting things go.

Exhausted though so that's all there is for today. Well, except to say that even though it was the kind of day which would have driven me straight from my parking spot at work to the liquor store in the past I had no desire for it tonight. Wanted home, wanted pajamas, wanted sweets (but not badly enough to go back out) but didn't want booze.  Progress. 


  1. Life gets shitty, but 62 days is fab. Congrats on riding through the difficult stuff. Amazing work x

  2. Progress is good! Good job on dealing with the tough stuff.