Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day 57

MUCH better today.

Woke up at six, took the dog out, went myself and then...back to bed until - wait for it - nine.  Well, technically 8:50 but what's ten minutes of lazing about and stretching?

Lazing about and stretching actually lasted till a bit past ten because that's when the library opened and one of my on-hold books had arrived. Nothing like a bit of library-time to start the day off on the right foot; even though our library is small it's still a library and thus spiritually fulfilling. Plus I forgot to mention they have one of those wheely-ladders which, last I knew, they let patrons actually use. (You can tell I've been quite the lapsed patron.) In any case it was heartwarming to see so many people wandering in and out just in the five or ten minutes I was there.

Back home for more lazing about and reading some of the library books I already have including one on my phone...since the last time I was a regular library patron they've added "digital downloads" which show up like magic on your Kindle or in my case Kindle app.  Apparently they vanish like magic too when your lending time is up. Managed to work some laundry into the lazing about too which felt productive without being much Actual Work.

Then Middle and I went for his birthday meal at the local Red Lobster. In this case "local" is "nearly an hour's drive" but it was a grand time because we were seated just before the early-dinner rush and had a really good server. We were comfortably stuffed and still brought home enough for a whole other meal. 

Figured out what to do about the earwig problem too: an individual-serving bottle of unsweetened iced tea which I can refill once I drink the original contents. The lid, y'know?  Given as much scorn as I've heaped on individual beverages over the years it's an amusing twist that I turned to one now.

Planned menus and made a list so that tomorrow morning I can hit the grocery, perhaps even earlier than last Sunday - as mentioned before I enjoy all sober mornings but I particularly enjoy sober Sunday mornings. Tomorrow is also Middle's 19th birthday so I will have to endure The In Laws long enough to have cake. MiL says "just to drop-it off the cake" but what that means is she will need to bustle around my kitchen in a majorly controlling way and insist on singing and having Middle blow out the candles then re-lighting the candles so that ABL can blow them out too to create several photo opportunities because the whole family calls her The Photo Nazi for a reason and you can tell by the ridiculous length of this sentence exactly what I really think of all that I'm sure.

Yeah, well, what can't be cured must be endured, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, serenity to accept the things I can't change and at least it will be over relatively quickly as there has been no talk of an attached meal.

But for now ABL is up in his room, Middle is out with his friends, the beagle (okay, fine: his official name is Agrippa Germanicus but he has no clue that's his name because ever since Spouse and Eldest brought him home from the breeder he's been nothing but Little Shit) is asleep on the floor so things are blissfully peaceful and calm. I'd wax verbose for a while longer but the unexpected quietude has caused my brain to go a bit blank...which is pleasant in its own right. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Glad today was better for you, I have lived in my town for nine years now and not once set foot in the library having bought all my books from Amazon. Maybe need to turn that around and get back into the library. Hope tomorrow is a restful and enjoyable day for you.

  2. Ah, our ups and downs. Glad you are feeling more at peace!