Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day 67

A plus/minus day. 

Plus: no cravings.  Minus: hormonal hell.  Weeping before breakfast hormonal hell; the kind that feels like late-stage pregnancy except with occasional maybe-these-are-hot-flashes.  Don't know if it's just a fluke or getting-closer-to-The-Change cranky ovaries trying for one last huzzah or what but I could certainly do without all of it.

Even the library irritated me today.  Walking back was even worse: the shirt I was wearing had a higher polyester content than I realized and I thought I was going to die. Wished I still worked someplace with a walk-in freezer. Managed not to cry at work or be too sarcastic/obscene at work so I count that as a win for the day.

Surprisingly enough I got a lot done including washing the dog and didn't even overeat, which is another big win.

Now that it's practically bedtime it all seems to be easing up and about time, sez I. Maybe it will all be better tomorrow. 

Even if it isn't it still beats rotten drank-too-much sleep and the following morning.  Beats it by a lot.


  1. Agreed, still beats that hands down! I think many of us in this world are pre-change, lol.

  2. Washed the dog AND didn't overeat??? Wow you deserve a medal after the day you had. Sorry even the library irritated you, that proves 100% it's hormonal. Hope you wake up brighter.

  3. Congrats on day 67! You are doing so well! Hormones can be a pain in the a#se! Hope you feel better soon. A x