Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day 50

Fifty is a good number. Halfway to a hundred, the age I will be this fall, more than ten percent of a year. Eight weeks ago I would have had a hard time thinking I could actually get here again despite wanting it. But I did. It can be done.

Woke up a bit past six, walked dog and then went back to sleep till quarter past eight: delightful.

The ABL outing went okay though not quite as expected. The mall opened at ten but the frozen yogurt place didn't open till 11:30. He was up, dressed and eager by 8:15. Arrived at mall around 10:30 with plan to walk around for an hour but the mall is so small that we had done four laps by 11 and that included a bathroom break. So we took a drive in a direction I'd never been. Wasn't much to see there either; I don't call this The Hinterlands for nothing. The yogurt place was good though: do it yourself with cups and a zillion flavors of fro-yo then a squillion toppings and a scale at the end. Pricey ($16 for two sundaes) but fun.

Rest of the afternoon was a nap, a new recipe and a new novel all of which were good. I need to start consisering a 60-day treat I think. Happy weekend all.

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  1. Congrats on day 50! You are doing great! A x