Friday, July 8, 2016

Day 49

Wow, seven whole weeks. Cool.

Today I was moody and the mood was mostly sad. There wasn't one particular event just generalized weepiness. Hormones, family stuff, world stuff...who knows?  It was a rough midday and afternoon since despite a whole lot of wanting to be weepy I had a huge amount of work and didn't get my afternoon tea which just made everything that much worse.

Fortunately I was smart enough to sit down with tea, chocolate and my current novel the moment I came home (well, okay, right after walking the dog.) I'm getting a little better at the time-out-for-self thing, I think.

Still not entirely back to what I consider baseline but a caffeine and sugar boost before dinner and general relaxation after dinner have helped quite a lot. So does knowing that right now even though I am awake I'm not a bit chemically altered and thus when I do go to sleep it will be restful and I will wake up feeling good in the morning.  There's nothing quite like that feeling of inner satisfaction - heck, smugness - at being bright-eyed and chipper on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Oh but "sleep" reminds me: last night was the first night I slept absolutely straight through from the time I dozed off till time to wake up in the morning. Not one awakening in the night, even to just realize "shit I'm awake" and roll over back to sleep.  So that one takes up to seven weeks. I had forgotten.

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