Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 48

Another rough day. More work travel, fair bit of home drama, rotten hot and very humid weather. Got through it. Didn't want to drink - I'm getting over that instant wanting to treat every difficulty with a healthy dose of alcohol - but I had a whole lot of emotions throughout the day which were for the most part unpleasant. Was another evening of "do the bare minimum" but I managed to actually play some stupid phone games while lying on the couch which is an improvement over last night.

I also realized something: I quit eating meat in the early part of June 2015; don't recall the exact day. Do recall that I had ONE meal with meat on July 2 but have had no trouble staying meat-free since then. On the other hand that same July 2 was my first serious Day 1 and it was so much harder to give up vodka than bacon that I only got to Day 56 that first time. Did the off-again-on-again drinking thing for nine days then managed to get from Day 1 to Day 202...but when I started drinking on what would have been the 203rd day it took six whole weeks to get my sober momentum back.  I now have more time sober again than my last stretch of drinking and in total had 10 sober months out of the past 12 which is record-setting in and of itself but I have 12 meatless months out of the past 12 and don't even have to think about it or work at it. I'm just someone who doesn't eat meat.

Kind of makes the case for alcohol being an insidious and invasive mind-altering substance, no?

I'm really hoping that someday it will be every bit as easy to be just someone who doesn't drink.

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