Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 64

Reasonably good day...other than being all hormonal, that is, but at least I recognized it as such and thus didn't pay overmuch attention to the hypersensitivity and weepiness. Didn't treat it with alcohol either, as I would - with family encouragement, even - have done so often in the past.

Took ABL for frozen yogurt today - eating practically a pound of fro-yo plus toppings for brunch is a good way to soothe whatever savage beast might be lurking. It wears off too quickly of course and isn't a bit healthy but is nice while it lasts. Got another buy-one-get-one coupon for donating a dollar to muscular dystrophy too, so that set us up for next time.  I always sign the acknowledgement-to-stick-on-the-wall paper "Blanche DuBois" but no cashier yet, not even in a college town, has figured out the joke. Hope springs eternal, though.

That was the big activity for the day, too, which was fine by me. Apart from meals and the barest minimum of cleaning (counters, dishes, a load of laundry) I've done nothing more energetic than reading and nothing more thought-provoking than planning menus and the grocery list.  That was quite enough for a hot, humid, hormonal Saturday.  I'll be going to bed very soon in part because I'm not worth much to myself or anyone else awake and in part so that I'll be up naturally early tomorrow for shopping well before any crowds.

Here's one thing I've learned for sure this time around: If you're feeling the least  bit emotional or having the least bit of craving, treat it like having a bad cold: bow out of all possible activities, push the clear liquids and put yourself to bed as soon as possible. Trying to just gut it out is not the way to go because the one thing even worse than "overwhelm" is resentment.


  1. Well Blanche, I hope you enjoyed your fro-yo and got a chuckle from your masquerade, I laughed out loud. I might try it here where there is even less chance of people recognising it. Reading your post makes me feel not so bad for heading to bed at 9:30 with a book and then promptly falling into a deep sleep. Feel only marginally better today but thankfully still no drinking. That is after all what this is about.

  2. Great advice, resentment doesn't serve any good. Loved the reference to Blanche as glad that wasn't where I ended up!