Thursday, December 1, 2016

Day 195

Today I got a cast.

I also got scolded for letting it go too long before seeking care and for taking such big slugs of naproxen. Fair enough.

The whole cast thing isn't a bit thrilling but there are some good points. The very biggest is that I have a cane and NOT crutches, praise be. The second biggest is that true immobilization plus actual hydrocodone has provided better pain relief than I have had since the whole thing started and so far no itching or nausea because the PA told me to take Benadryl before the painkiller. My eyes aren't focusing very well but since I don't have to do anything other than lie here it isn't a big deal. The third biggest is that the cast comes off for x-rays at the3-week mark. Even if they just put another cast right back on again that skin will still get aired out and washed off. The final thing is that cast material now. Comes in something called "floral camouflage" which is brightly multicolored and cheerful.

Didn't realize just how much pain I was enduring till it finally stopped.

I'm sure there are going to be big "oh this just BLOWS" patches in my future but right now I'm grateful to finally have decent pain relief. And now I think I should sleep; opiayes make one really loopy.

Oh but before I do I wanted to mention that it is just So Nice to be in a serious healthcare situation and not have even one iota of shame or worry about "will they figure out how much I've been drinking?" Yet another item for the "pluses" column.


  1. Hope your pain is better and more under control. Delighted to hear you have taken a day off to put you feet up. You need to take command of any able bodied adult in the house to wait in you hand and foot (see what I did there ;-) for the next 60 hours to get you to Monday morning. People are always willing to help for two days then the caring starts to decrease hourly ha ha. Hope you have a relaxing laid back weekend. I've just finished Small Great Things, Jodie Picoult, not my favourite author but this one was great. Finished it straight through 15 hours.