Sunday, December 11, 2016

Day 205

Quiet day.

As expected, the leg was sore from overdoing it but one pill fixes it.

Today's big accomplishment was making the scrub top I cut out last weekend because I wanted to see how my latest tweaks to the pattern worked out before laying out any new fabric (of which I have two lengths.)

Even waiting till the downside of the medicine it was tougher going than usual - not in any big sloppy overt way but in a more subtle everything-seems-harder going-slower easily-frustrated kind of way. Broke it up into two separate sessions and it was "work" not "relaxing fun hobby-time." Not gonna be doing any more sewing till the cast is off and the painkiller is history, that's for sure. On the other hand, I have something new to wear tomorrow.

It may be a totally unpopular possibly even heretical position but I would just as soon flat-out skip Christmas this year. The older I get the less I like it and the cast was just one thing too many. I'm hoping maybe my attitude will improve as it inches closer.

And now for an early bedtime as I have a very busy week ahead.

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  1. Holidays can be very overwhelming.
    And very stressful.
    Is there a way to so just a few VERY simple things, or modifications that would make it better for you?