Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 203

A new day. Personal best. Uncharted waters.

The longest I've been continuously sober since...well, ever, probably because ours was one of those Hippy/Bohemian let-the-kid-have-wine-or-beer kind of households. In any case I'm feeling pretty good about it, leg in a cast or not.

Knocked off work way early -- not so much to celebrate as because Middle had plans and wanted to take the car but the effect was the same. The "celebration" such as it was consisted of Velveeta-salsa dip and corn chips because it sounded good, I had the ingredients and I haven't had a Big Feed in ages. Then I took a nap. Do I know how to party or what?!!? Seriously though, it -did- feel nice to listen to my body and not feel like "celebrate" automatically equals alcohol.


Well there is still drama in other parts of the family but my son, who is with college friends doing college-guy stuff, still texted "Ilove you" after checking in to let me know he was staying over. That was heartening.

Haven't done anything but lie on the couch all evening but I think I'm okay with that. I -know- I'm okay with brand new sober seas to sail. 203 days. Finally got back to where I was in March plus one. Go me.

Oh! And I had a really great witty social media moment earlier today -- one of those right place/right time/right joke things. As I told Spouse, "I won the internet!" That was a great present because it was all me and all -sober- me...if I'd been hung over I doubt I would have managed to get my act together enough in a timely enough fashion.

Onward ho.


  1. Woo Hoo!
    Just think of what you will eat when you get to a year!!
    I love it when I say something witty on the internet! Which is never, but I keep trying!

  2. 203 days is awesome. Keep doing what you are doing! Big feeds and naps sound great!

  3. Congratulations on making to 203, I am very happy you have made it past your longest ever. Velveeta and salsa oh my, sounds like heaven. Well done though, this days has been hard wine but you have really been processing your feelings and what it takes to get here. I hope the road ahead is a lot smoother for you.

  4. Congratulations on 203 days! That is so awesome. A x