Saturday, December 17, 2016

Day 211

Well really Day 210 And A Half since I haven't been up a whole hour yet. However blogging provides accountability so I'm actually -writing- that my plan for today is to spend as much of it horizontal on this couch under this afghan as possible. Last weekend I got bored and cocky and overdid and didn't do myself any favors in the process so this weekend needs to be different starting now.

=Much Later=

Didn't do too badly. No stairs at all, didn't leave the house and didn't stay entirely vertical more than 20-30 minutes at a time. Stayed up to date on pain pill. Apart from being pretty damned dull it was okay though I still managed to get about 2/3 the steps I did yesterday. Guess all the little ups and downs add up.

Finally saw Trading Places this evening as Middle left the TV on and I just watched whatever rolled out. Meh.

Managed not to overeat but I've noticed the opioid seems to give me a helluva sweet tooth. Which at first I thought was weird till I remembered a line from Carrie Fisher's Postcards from the Edge when the rehab group goes to the mall and the heroine has a whole bunch of sweets then says "X says I eat just like a heroine addict (but I break just like a little girl.)" In any case I managed not to eat all the ice cream or all the Reese's bells.

And now to early bedtime. Sleep heals, right? Can you tell I'm worried the damned thing isn't fixing itself fast enough?

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  1. Sleep does heal.
    I hope you feel better today!