Monday, December 26, 2016

Day 220

A good day.

Felt closer to my normal self today than any other day since before I got the "muscle cramp" last month. Still have pain, of course, but naproxen and enough rest makes it go away entirely. Mostly I feel prettt normal mentally/emotionally though and about damned time sez I.

Good timing too as it is back to work tomorrow.

My biggest challenge is going to be -not- overdoing the walking/weight-bearing/vertical thing. No meetings means no trekking all over the hospital campus so that is a help.

Two hundred and twenty days feels like a big achievement. Big enough that I actually figured out a nice treat: Armenian burning papers which are like fancy incense but also good for drawers and handbags. The next two Actual Dayes are Sunday Jan 15 which will be 240 days and the following Friday will be my 8-month soberversary. Two-thirds of a year: pretty cool. Maybe by then this whole frigging Leg Melodrama will be a thing of the past. I sure hope so!

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