Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day 223

A good day.

Still don't know about the repeat labs yet but I'm not in any huge hurry to deal with All That anyhow. The leg felt quite a bit better today though now that I've gone and overdone things it is sore. One of my colleagues who sees me only intermittently commented that I had a pretty steady gait with no cane.

Mostly spent the day talking about various aspects of work as opposed to -doing- work -- lots of changes around the hospital and our "healthcare network."

Already figured out my 8-month Soberversary treat: a well-reviewed well-regarded knitting book. Then a later treat can be yarn for a project. Of course I haven't picked up either of my two current yarn projects since before the cast but I'm at least thinking about them which is a big improvement over those dreary cast-and-opiate weeks. Maybe this weekend I will put in some serious sweater time as it would be awfully nice to have a new red pullover.

The dog is better - big relief. Now I just need to continue getting me better.

1 comment:

  1. YIKES!
    I sure hope you get better, too!
    I had my thyroid removed a long time ago, as I had an over-active one.
    Glad the dog is ok!
    Day 223! Awesome!