Friday, December 16, 2016

Day 210

Seven times thirty. Go me.

Decent day, too. Well as decent as a freaking cast in freaking winter can be, anyhow. Still frustrated by my inability to -walk- anywhere: needed to get money from the bank machine for our snowplow guy and deliberately waited till end of day in case it made the break hurt but hoping it wouldn't ... and of course it did. I don't know why i persist in thinking that after two weeks in a cast the pain should be All Gine Now since that clearly isn't the case but for some reason I do.

Tex-Mex and last of the coffee-toffee ice cream for dinner was the best I could do for a Day 210 treat but hell yes I plan to do more/different/better if I can think of something. Eventually. I -am- proud of myself; it is just that the leg and winter and the car sharing have combined to keep me worn down.'s nice to be this far along. And I can sleep as much as I like tomorrow; that will be nice too.

1 comment:

  1. Snow and casts do not mix well!
    We just had tons of snow, and now we are freezing.