Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 207

Today it has all started catching up to me.

So busy just carrying on in that "oh I'm fine" way that I haven't given myself room to even have, much less process, the emotions going with having a freaking broken leg at all much less before and during the biggest holiday on the calendar. Yeah well...it sucks. Lots. With plenty of anger to go around too.

Having to work - no, wait, make that choosing to work because I could in fact go out on medical leave but I didn't feel like screwing over my colleagues that much when the reason I'm on service at all is to fill in the holes left by vacation. In any case, being at work sucks not just because of the limited mobility but because of all the Really Stupid things people who ought to know better say like "here she comes gimping down the hall" or "gee I can hear you coming a mile away."

Getting through snow and cold and wet, even just from the car to the door and back, is annoying even with a "cast shoe" and the stupid cast show itself makes me lopsided. And let's face it, nobody not even family wants to hear a litany of complaints which is why it's coming out on my blog - my blog; my content.

I want it to be freaking over already and at -minimum- that's still another week away. Realistically it is probably more like the week of January 9th. 1-really- hate that.

=Much Later=

Vented most of the above to Spouse which helped. Knocked off work early, came home, took pain pills and had a solid hour of nap which (like a cranky toddler) helped a lot. Have made sure to spend most of the rest of the evening horizontal too and whaddya know? The swelling is going down. Fancy that. Not near as angry/frustrated/sad/tired either...again, whaddya know and fancy that.

Eldest flat out told me "Mom, you really need to spend most of your time lying down even if it -is- boring because you want to -heal- right?" Gotta admit the kid has a point.

The sober thing is going fine for now anyhow - having a drink hasn't occurred to me at all. Grateful for that, of course. Have noticed how even at work the standard Secret Santa gift seems to be a bottle of wine...a couple of decades ago nobody would even consider bringing booze gifts to a hospital work environment but I guess that changed. Makes sense from a marketing standpoint so I suppose the "go ahead! Indulge yourself!" applies just as much to alcohol as calories and ghawdonlyknows Big Business is running everything...that part of cyberpunk is surprisingly accurate. But enough on that...I need to work on unwinding and getting to sleep at not just a decent but perhaps even early hour. Big early morning meeting tomorrow I have to attend in person and there's Abigail chunk of walking to get there.

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