Saturday, December 10, 2016

Day 204

Up and down but overall good day.

Woke up at 7 which - sad though it sounds - is "sleeping in" by a good half hour...but the dog and I both eliminated and went back to sleep till nine-thirty. Stunning. Guess I needed the rest.

Had a Big Sad in the middle of the day but jollied myself right out of it by leaving the house for the first time in two weeks -- apart from being driven to/from the door of my work building that is. Took a library book to the drop-box and it felt so good to be driving (cast is on left foot) that I decided to do the grocery shopping myself this week. Chose tonight because 1) snow tomorrow and 2) whole day to rest in case I made the leg ache overmuch.

I did make the leg ache but it was worth it. I had sort of realized over the past couple weeks how little I liked being "passive" as I thought of the whole limited-mobility gig but didn't realize at all how empowering the stupid supermarket would be. It really is the little things sometimes.

I'm also still pretty excited about Personal Record sober time...I'm hoping the new and shiny will wear off into a comfortable "I'm a nondrinker" everyday kind of feeling because I don't want it to -keep- being this Huge Thing but I'm sure going to enjoy it for now. Next Friday is Day 210 and the Wednesday after that is my actual Seven Month Soberversary day so I'm planning on getting a quiet kinda-secret pre-holiday charge out of both. This hasn't been my first set of sober fall/winter holidays as the previous run started in July so I won't have that particular excitement but for Thanksgiving it was very helpful to be able to tell myself "you've done this before;  you can do it again" when things were hard, temptation was all around and That Voice was trying to get my attention. I'm hoping the same holds true for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

1 comment:

  1. It will!
    Each time you say not to the voice, you are stronger.
    And you are learning how to be up, down, happy, sad, and sober.
    And ok.