Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Day 221

A good day.

Going back to work felt so pleasantly -normal-.Not a lot of cases so I had time to catch up on paperwork and computer stuff. Also got blood drawn for whatever my doc decided should be the post-spontaneous-fracture workup - I didn't see the order.

Co-workers glad to have me back and also to gently remind me "Get off that leg! Go sit down!" Aleve kept the pain at bay all day, too.

Spent the evening re-reading Carrie Fisher's _Wishful Drinking_ on Kindle. I know I bought and read  it hardbound when it first came out but it was passsed along to some person or book drive years ago. Another "hey I finally thought of something" treat for myself was to get whatever she had in Kindle format which was that, _Shockaholic_ which I had somehow missed and didn't know she'd written and her newest one _Princess Diarist_.

Hoping for a better night's sleep tonight: woke up a couple of times last night. Glad to be back to myself emotionally, that's for sure.

Told my didn't want 'em/ responsible use/but three weeks is still three weeks Vicodin withdrawal story to at least three separate groups of people - they all found it interesting (or pretended awfully well.) Still contemplating if or how sharing my experience could help somehow.

Heheh - just realized that today's day count is very Holmes-like: it is day 221 of my second truly big quit so that would be....221B. Not sure how to work in the Baker Street part but still 221 days sure feels good.

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  1. You are doing it!
    I am glad your day back to work went well!