Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day 201

Bah. A lousy day.

Dealt with one round of car trouble and family drama only to get a second different round of both. Feels like anot-very-fun video game. At least I'm getting more mobile clunking around with my cast and cane.

I'm pleased about the 201 days of course - tomorrow will tie the longest sober time I've ever done - but my dis is pretty severely gruntled about most everything else. Yes of course I'm in need of some treats but I'm just not figuring out what good ones might be due to the combination of limited mobility with the cast and both nausea and general disinterest from the drugs. Maybe inspiration will hit.

In the meantime though I'm getting through all the shit I've got to get through and even though it is unpleasant and I often feel whiny inside I'm doing it and doing it sober. That's still an accomplishment, disgruntled or not.

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