Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day 226

That number sure feels good. Being that far along on New Year's Day feels nice too. Not in a gloating sense at all - far from it! - but in the sense of it totally IS worth the effort with "it" being continuous sobriety.

To anyone cruising the sober blogosphere in their shiny Day One vehicle: welcome! The first week is the hardest. Getting over the Day 4 hump is a big deal. Hitting double digits helps a lot and ferpitysake don't try to do diet-and-exercise or quitting smoking at the same time. Getting off the sauce is plenty enough. Go you! It won't seem like it at first but life without alcohol in it is -easier- on every level.

Today was a much better day than yesterday for me. Waking up clear-headed at a bit before eight on New Year's Day is a nice thing no matter what else happens. The leg is getting progressively better too: I was out clearing the snow off the walkway and driveway (an inch isn't enough for the snow removal guy to come but Scylla and Charybdis were coming for dinner) without any NSAID at all and it was just fine. Very heartening to be -able- to clear the snow. That also helped my mood as it is the one household chore I genuinely -like- doing: such a feeling of accomplishment.

Did the shopping and saw quite a few unhappy-looking people. I would have been one of them a few months ago. Only one cashier was open; I suspect they didn't expect the usual Sunday morning crowd.

Family dinner was unpleasant but relatively brief and didn't trigger any urges or cravings at all for which I was very grateful.

Totally lazy evening: first couch and then bed. Feels like a nice new beginning but a very low-key one. I'll take it.


  1. Happy New Year!!
    It is so worth it!!

  2. Glad you're a bit more upbeat, I think it might be the exercise as I always feel perkier when I accomplish something physical. Next big job for me I tearing down an asbestos garage somehow I keep 'forgetting' to buy the ventilation mask I need.
    Onwards and upwards this year.