Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 243

Long tiring day.

Made time to eat when I was hungry though and that helped. Bed at 9:30 is helping too.

Requested some library books for the first time since I broke my leg - that felt like real progress. So did trimming my to-read list down to the stuff I remembered why I put there.

Still feel this growing inner calm - hope it is a new permanent feature.


  1. You are doing your own mindfulness, it seems to be coming naturally to you. It will stay but don't worry if a really crappy day throws you off course. You'll make your way back to calm again, this is all new and takes time to master.
    48 hours ago I was almost zen like and happy 36 hours ago I had major bust up with 18 year old daughter, 24 hours ago I was kicking her out, selling the house and going to live in a camper van, 12 hours ago I grew up a little bit again and now I am back to letting her live. I mean live with me ha ha. We are learning new patterns and we are bound to go back to our familiar ways.

    1. Ha, Ginger.
      Yes to this, going back to familiar patterns. But now we don't have to stay in them as long, or even not go in them in the first place.

    2. Oh been there done that with Eldest for sure! Glad it is easing up now but can't kids just push -all- the buttons in just the right way?