Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 241

A decent day.

[an aside: only now did I realize I left a terminal zero off yesterday's post title. I fixed it but damn I should pay more attention.]

Back to work and for once I didn't have a whole lot of cases needing done so there wariness to ease back in rather than jumping feet first. Lots of the usual issues but I dealt with them and was in a much better frame of mind having been away.

However I was surprisingly exhausted by the time I got home. Tired way beyond what my activities over the day would suggest. Had planned to actually Do Stuff tonight but ended up lying on the couch all evening instead and only even -reading- some of the time. But hey, I've started listening to my body instead of arguing with it. Things go more smoothly that way.

No words of wisdom, wit or  worldliness; I'm going to sleep. Maybe by tomorrow whatever-it-is will have fixed itself.


  1. I love that you are listening to your body. We spend far too much time thinking we should be doing things when our bodies are saying " please I'm tired" all to keep up what we perceive is considered normal behaviour/achievement. Also you never know if what you write is perceived as "wise" by the reader, surely it is wise to rest when one is tired. 😊

    1. Yes I have noticed that actually -listening- to my body is always worthwhile but in the past I would ignore it. I recall toward the end of my drinking days thinking on more than one night "what I -really- want is to just have a snack and go right to bed with a book" yet purchasing and drinking alcohol anyway. Seems so crazy now.

  2. Yes, I always hope by tomorrow things will be fixed!