Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 254

Ordinary time.

Actually now that I think about it, it -is- Ordinary Time - green candles and vestments. However I was writing generally, not liturgically. Anyhow it was just a day.

Well, shopping put me in a foul mood in part because I didn't have my good unloading-putting-away helper and in part because not one but two of the five tubs of yogurt ruptured. I ate one myself and fed the other to ABL and banana bread rounded out a perfectly adequate breakfast but it was still damned annoying. Also peculiarly tiring for some reason but I've gotten really good at just lying down for a rest when I get tired.

Otherwise nothing particularly noteworthy. Well, I did use the "grate" feature of my decade-old food processor for the first time ever...that was mildly exciting. Made quick work out of two different eight ounce blocks of cheese but the verdict is still out on whether having so -much- more to wash (and also smushed cheese-ends too small to processs) is worth it.

Still it is always nice to tick off everything in the mental To Do list so there's that...and bed-with-a-book at 9:15 is always good too. Hoping for an uneventful low-key kind of Monday - I know I've got lunch with a couple of work pals which is always interesting.


  1. I use the grate feature to make cauliflower rice.
    I buy cheese grated...I'm generally lazy! Lol

    Although I still prefer Sunday to Monday, it's so much easier to go to work Monday without a weekend hangover!

    1. I would totally buy cheese pre-grated but one of the anti-caking or anti-mold treatments gives me wicked indigestion. And yes Mondays are -so- much better when the weekend isn't draining.

  2. all my reusable grocery bags smell slightly of sour mild for that very reason. I washed on of the bags once and it lost shape and never was reusable again. I am starting to get better at resting when I am tired but still feel guilty, lazy and judged if I do. A work in progress. Hope lunch was good with your work pals.

    1. I'm lazy and always get fresh plastic bags from the store...which I use for all sorts of things so they don't go to waste. Lunch was okay...but not as informative as it could have been as I had the best gossip. Still it is always nice to go out with colleagues.

    2. Plastic bags are banned where I lobe, so you must bring your own reusable bags.
      They get extremely disgusting, and end up throw away. I buy plastic bags for all those other uses.
      I don't think it had the environmental outcome expected.

    3. Wow I'd have a really hard time remembering to bring enough bags everywhere. I even forget at the Farmer's Market!

  3. I am so lazy, that my hubs does the shopping!
    Well, really it's because when I with him, I spend about twice as much!!
    I had the same thing happen with me and yogurt!!
    I hate that.

  4. The annoying thing is that it doesn't seem like that long ago when yogurt cartons still had Actual Lids.