Friday, January 13, 2017

Day 238

Good day.

Ate new food. Saw a bluebird for the first time ever. Enjoyed lots of good family time with Spouse and Eldest. Sad I have to go back tomorrow.

Spouse once again said how proud and envious of my sobriety he is - that was nice. I told him that....Some days are harder than others. The farther away from the beginning you get the easier it gets. Days 3 through 10 suck the worst. The whole first month is hard but if you can get to thirty days it eases off a lot. The thing to do is just keep trying - one of the times will stick. You can't say "only if [super-horrible bad thing like death of child] because then you've already started bargaining with That  Voice. Turn it around d and say "even IF a Really Bad Thing happens I still -won't- drink.

That's it for now; falling asleep as I try to think and type. Long drive tomorrow.


  1. I have always said/joked that if I got a terminal diagnosis I'd start smoking again and when I first quit alcohol I said to myself I might start drinking again at 65-70 but truthfully I don't think either of these things now. Do you think spouse will be tempted to quit?
    Going to google a blue bird. Glad you had a good break and I hope you feel the benefit of it. Drive safe.

  2. Spouse has been trying to quit for a long of these times it will stick.

  3. I LOVE bluebirds!
    We have them here in Minnesota!
    I am glad you had a good time.