Friday, January 6, 2017

Day 231

A really good day.

Not only did my vacation start after work today but also I got to use the written word to great effect in email negotiations. I particularly enjoy that.

Best of all? Found my earbuds! In the pocket of a jacket I had worn and hung up in the closet. I though I checked all the jacket pockets last night but did it again to be sure and boom! There the case was, safe and sound.

Good thing too as I checked two audiobooks out from the library hoping I could do at least a little walking next week.

Everything is all packed and ready to go down to the other house first thing in the morning and I'm lazing about already in bed because bed is warm and cozy but the couch is near a drafty bay window. Formerly "vacation" meant "drink as much as I like because I can sleep in as late as I want and not leave till I feel like it" which may have sounded good in theory but in practice meant staying up far too late, waking up thirsty and miserable in the wee hours and being up for the day too early and untested despite attempts to sleep. Not very loving or caring of myself.

It took quite a while but today I had moments of quiet giddiness just tickled silly to be having time off and NOT having to be responsible for Middle, ABL or even the dog...they will all look after one another while I am gone and have plenty of food and beverages with which to do so.

'Bout damned time I get a bit of pink cloud. :)


  1. I think you so DESERVE this break from your responsibilities. Let your hair down in a non drinking way if course. Do everything you want to do and be selfish even if it is against your nature. Enjoy, relax and refresh.