Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day 230

A mostly good day.

Got all my work done and did much better about not getting too hungry. Planned on a walk but my leg had other ideas. Starting to stress over the whole food/activity thing but also realize that it is dumb to get all into healthy eating right before a vacation and if the leg is sore without doing anything in particular then maybe that whole "oh boy I can start working on 10k steps every day again" is premature. But the Inner Critic still nags.

The one thing which makes this -not- a nice day is that I've lost my earbuds. The fancy iPhone 7 ones that have a mini-USB instead of a standard RCA jack. I made a special holder with a felt covered card that had elastic loops for each earbud so the cord could be wrapped around the card and the whole thing slipped into a zippered pouch just so I -wouldn't- lose them....and now the whole damned case is missing. Tore the house apart looking tonight and for a while was far more upset than the situation really warranted...but no luck. I know I can buy another set but still.

I did notice that even though I did get hugely frustrated and angry I also got over it more quickly at least in part because I specifically told myself to take a break, lie down and distract myself with web surfing for a while. This is emotional progress and it pleases me. Instead of using it as an excuse to "oh fuck it; let's drink" or as an excuse to fume and sulk while virtuously -not- drinking I did a bit of.self care instead. Amazing how that works.

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  1. I bought myself a cheap glass ring before Christmas as just a lovely little knick knack but LOVED it by the second day and felt better because of it. Silly I know but it made me happy. Went out with the dogs on a cold day, no gloves, hands freezing, got home no ring. I felt devastated and went into my whole "why can't I even have ONE nice thing without the universe kicking me in the teeth" etc. Like you my usual response would be to drink and feel righteous for my feelings. This time within an hour I got over it and just felt a bit sad I had lost the ring. I still do but it hasn't turned into the week long 'the world hates me' ridiculousness that it would have been before. Long comment but I wanted to show how I get it and how we are indeed making great progress. Glad you found your earbuds.