Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day 239

Decent day.

Sad to leave some family but happy to see the other family and get back to routine. Grocery list already made. Sensibly got carry-out for dinner as the four and a half hour drive plus unpacking and dealing with the mail were plenty enough. Yeah I -could- have pulled together something from the pantry but that would have been stressful and it is dumb to -add- stress.

Besides, one of my biggest drinking patterns was to pack all sorts of things into one day, wear myself out doing them all then use alcohol as the reward. All the completed tasks were proof I deserved it and also proof that the booze wasn't a problem. Yeah well...I deserve lots better than mere alcohol and so do you.


  1. We deserve a LOT more!
    Alcohol was the biggest liar ever.
    And the worse nurturer ever.

  2. Damn right!!! 100%. Alcohol is one lying son of a bitch.
    -Sober or Bust

    1. It is...but to quote one of my favorite movies, "Darling you'd be -amazed- at what people can blind themselves to." I was blinding myself for not just years but decades.

  3. I used to do the same. You are right alcohol is no reward for anything.
    I googled a blue bird and they are very pretty. Try and keep a bit of that vacation feeling today before going back to work. Hope the foot is ok.

    1. Foot mostly fine - thanks for asking! :)

      I don't know where the whole booze equals reward thing starts but not it gets entrenched quickly and thoroughly. Glad to cast off that particular falsehood.