Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 247


Started the day with an emotional hangover from the drama of Saturday - but emotional hangovers are nowhere near as incapacitating as the other kind so I was out and about got the shopping same as always. My usual grocery was out of a couple things on the list which struck me particularly hard - I was surprised at how much anger I had over such s minor thing but figured it was probably leftover/spillover from the family stuff the day before. It still wasn't to the level I used to just live with when I was drinking and I made note of that: remove alcohol for a few months and the whole rest of your life settles down.

Even when you get to the car and realize you totally forgot the potatoes for that night's dinner. I can remember doing the shopping hung over, having that same thing happen and 1) having to have a little bit of acrylic in the car and 2) saving the incident for later to use as part of why I deserved to drink again that night. This time I was frustrated, sure, but just calmly went to the other grocery store and got potatoes along with the two other things from the list. The little stuff doesn't seem to -mean- as much these days which is good.

Got my library books this afternoon - that felt good because it was the first time since early November. Made a totally excellent white sauce for the scalloped potatoes which was surprisingly gratifying - sometimes it really is the little things.

Only a few minutes ago did I remember "oh yeah; I need to order my eight month treats finally!" A very fancy pillow and a new book are now on their way.

I am so pleased with the sober version of myself that I have been becoming. She's a nice chick; I like her.


  1. She was always just didn't see her.
    I feel the same. I can cope so much better.

  2. That's it exactly. It's the same life with all the same problems but they all become so much more -manageable.-