Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 246

Eight month Soberversary. Hooray!

Except it was such a family-drama kind of day that I didn't even remember it -was- my day till quite late in the evening. Still, better late than never and I already had the treats in my Amazon cart so clicking tomorrow is just as good as today.

Found a new phone-app game though so that made me happy.

Also even though I was surrounded by all kinds of emotion and had plenty of my own this new calmness helped me not fly off the handle and get dramatic myself even once. Kept the self-pity beast largely at bay too - sure I felt sorry for myself but it was more an in-passing while dealing with other stuff thing not a place to set up shop and wallow.

And now to bed - despite a really emotional day I know I will still get restful sleep and that is a really good thing. Grocery list is all ready to go in the morning too. At first it feels like deprivation and then it feels like boredom but I am now to the stage where it is just so much easier and better to have sober weekends.


  1. Yes. Deprivation, boredom, ease, freedom. They all mix together.

    I love being calmer. I often marvel at myself. Lol. But it has changed my life and it has improved my relationship with my now 11 year old daughter. She needs a lot of patience. I'm sure drinking Anne would have crushed her.

  2. It does change everything for the better. In the early days it is largely physical - no hangovers, better sleep, leas heart-pounding - and then there's a big stretch where it seems like nothing is happening but then you realize "hey, there is all this -mental- healing happening."