Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 250

Wow the days keep chugging right along.

Finally getting dug out at work. Home front still too chaotic but I'm still keeping my cool. "Keeping my powder dry" as my Grandma Mary would say. Still just too damned tired all the time but I have a doctor appointment tomorrow so I'm hoping to get things sorted out. Or just plain "sorted" as my U.K. and Aussie pals would say.

My fancy new pillow does indeed bounce back and doesn't stay squished even a little. While I was lying on said pillow I found myself contemplating my one-year Soberversary as an actual thing as opposed to just a nebulous idea. Specifically I was thinking about how to get a really fancy cake and what kind of fancy I might want. That was nice.

And now to sleep about an hour earlier than usual. Hoping to get my energy back eventually; this is getting old. On the other hand listening to my body and following its lead is starting to become second nature.


  1. CAKE! YES!
    Plan a celebration for sure!
    With pillows and cakes I am excited!

  2. Oh this made me smile--thanks!

    It's a really good pillow so I'm hoping to do as well in the cake department when the time comes.