Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 227

A good day

Finally didn't need -any- NSAID for my leg. Back to normal at last. Plan to walk downtown tomorrow; it will be the first time since early November.

No cravings at all even when some Mexican cooking show on public television went on at length about various different margaritas. Finished a new scrub top for tomorrow - took bits and pieces of all day because the dog was exceedingly jealous: he got used to "hoomin home iz hoomin on couch with ME."

Not too keen on going back to work tomorrow, actually, which is almost never the case for me. However I have -next- week as vacation and I can do pretty much anything for four days.

Lab work finally back and normalized just enough that primary care doc doesn't want to do anything further right now which is fine. Check again in 8 weeks or so.

I'm so glad to have all the holidays finally done. Between that and the leg being done it's almost like being a whole new person.

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